Current theme

4D imaging for formation of optic vesicle derived from mES cells
Takaaki Tanaka

Mechanism of forming epithelial folding during organogenesis
Tadashi Watanabe

Fluorescence imaging and morpholometry of osteocytes within tissue
Nobushige Fujii

Theoretical analysis of effect of molecular time constant on oscillating gene expression
Shinji Taniguchi

Observation of morphology and orientation of osteocytes in bone tissue
Keisuke Kamata

Chemical modification to microelectrode by conducting polymer for evaluating cardiotoxicity
Masamune Nakayama

Inkjet printing of mouse ES cells for formation of embryoid bodies
Taiki Ohmichi

Previous theme

Molecular mechanism of cofilin-actin interaction change by filament tension
Tetsuya Fujii

AFM nanofishing of intercellular mechanosensor molecules
Koichiro Maki

Simulation of tensile loading on protein including α-helix structure
Kohei Ohto

Influence of the biochemical factors on the formation of optic cup from mES cells
Takaaki Tanaka

Interaction measurement between Wnt signal receptor and its regulator using AFM
Takato Tamaki

Examination of the contribution of cell proliferation and apical contraction on epithelial tissue deformation by using a multi-cell dynamics simulation
Tadashi Watanabe

Influences of RANKL expression rate on trabecular morphological change
Kei Imai

Morphologic change of the osteocyte network in a calvaria of embryonic chick
Nobushige Fujii
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