Recent themes

Single-molecule biomechanics for α-catenin using AFM and TIRFM
Koichiro Maki

Macroscopic models of bone remodeling considering the microscopic mechanism of osteocytic mechanoseinsing
Young Kwan Kim

Imaging analysis of cell behavior associated with epithelial tube formarion in vitro
Miho Hoshuyama

AFM high-speed imaging of molecular dynamics bearing mechanotransduction
Yuki Hirohashi

The mechanism for sensing micro-grooved structure in cell migration: The effect of distribution of adhesions
Kensuke Suzuki

Investigation of interaction mechanisms between Wnt signaling regulators and their receptor by using AFM
Takato Tamaki

Influence of interstitial fluid flow in bone canaliculi on inter cellular signal transportation
Masaya Miwa

Modeling and simulation of mechanosensing-signaling coupled bone adaptation
Kei Imai

Control of droplet injection from Bioinkjetprinter
Yosuke Nakatomi

3D imaging and shape analysis for self-organized optic cup from mESCs
Yuta Ando
Other previous themes

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